RayBan Wayfarer Low Bridge Fit vs the Wayfarer Classic

RayBan Wayfarer Low Bridge Fit vs the Wayfarer Classic

The main difference between Ray-Ban Wayfarer Low Bridge Fit and the Wayfarer Classic is the fit and design to accommodate different face shapes and bridge sizes.

1. Wayfarer Classic:

  • The Wayfarer Classic is the original design of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer.
  • It has a standard bridge size and fit, which may not be suitable for individuals with a low nose bridge.
  • The classic design features a slightly raised nose bridge and wider-set nose pads.

2. Wayfarer Low Bridge Fit:

  • The Wayfarer Low Bridge Fit is specifically designed for individuals with a lower nose bridge or a flatter facial structure.
  • It features a modified nose bridge with nose pads set closer together to provide a more comfortable and secure fit for those who require it.
  • The overall design of the sunglasses is similar to the Wayfarer Classic, with the iconic square-shaped frames.

In summary, the primary difference between the two lies in the fit and comfort level, with the Wayfarer Low Bridge Fit catering to individuals with a specific need for a more accommodating nose bridge design. The Wayfarer Classic is the traditional model that suits a broader range of face shapes and sizes.


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