MoS Dita Eyewear Shop

MoS Dita Eyewear Shop

Condor Two

The Condor-Two continue to draws inspiration from the bright colors, intelligence and the lightweight nature of birds. Part of the "Featherlight” series that uses minimal materials but constructed with lightweight Titanium or Nylor wire to further decrease weight.


A chance encounter whilst stopped for gas in a small Midwestern town, with two hitch hikers stood across the road with their thumbs up trying to catch a ride from passing strangers, inspired the FREEBIRD. Their free-spirited display was something we thought had been lost to the passing of time, FREEBIRD is a deceptively simple, round frame that perfectly captures a simpler time.


Discover Dita - Mariposa Oversized Sunglasses 18K Gold & Faux Leather Butterfly Shape with thin temples.

Grandmaster Two

Inspired by the iconic b-boy style of the late 1970s, the Grandmaster-Two pays tribute to the spirit of New York’s underground scene and the pioneering artists whose innovations have electrified the world for nearly 40 years.

Grandmaster Three

Whether you’re going out for a drink or already nursing a hangover, you can’t go wrong with the Grandmaster Three, with its 18K gold accents, titanium hinges and anti-reflective lens coating.