Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We guarantee that all of our products are the highest quality and most of our products are the real deal. We also offer 7-14 days to return your order in case you are not totally satisfied with the purchase.

Yes, an invoice/receipt will be generated after we ship your order. However, if you want a presciption glasses receipt, you may need to contact us to verify your purchase.

We apologize as we no longer operate a physical store since MCO/PKP 2.0. For your information, we still do not plan to reopen the physical store in the near future as the Covid-19 problem is still not fully resolved in Malaysia. However, we think that the most feared problem about the wrong size choice can already be solved with the “Return & Exchange” policy.

There are a few different ways to find your eyewear size. The easiest way is to check the size that is printed on the inside of your current frames.
Alternatively, you can DIY and measure your face size to find your perfect fit. All the models on our website are listed with their complete measurements, so once you know your size it’s easy to pick the best fitting frames.
If you find that your glasses don’t fit after you’ve received them, don’t worry; remember our 7-14 day returns policy! You can just send them back and find a better fit for you.

Usually the warranty given by most brands is 1-2 years and in fact the warranty given is only for manufacturing defects. However, if the damage occurs due to customer negligence or wear & tear, the warranty will no longer be applicable. Personal warranty from Millions of Shades is for 7-14 days depending on the model of sunglasses. If you notice that your item has problems such as faded lenses, insufficient screws, detached logo, skewed frames or other problems, contact us immediately for an exchange.

For your information, most of the products we sell are genuine but to meet the demand of some customers who want a cheaper price, we also sell some high quality items but it is not a genuine by the brand. However, to avoid confusion, we have put “Status” in the “Product Description” section. If the product does not have “Status: High Quality”, it means that the product is 100% original. For more information, please refer to the picture below.

We’re glad you noticed that. Yes, our vision is to sell quality products at affordable prices. Apart from being an online retailer, we also come from a company that is experienced in the import and export business. In addition, cutting our physical store liability costs is also very helpful in lowering our selling prices.

For your information, we place great emphasis on customer satisfaction dealing with us, so if the item you receive is unsatisfactory or has other problems, you can request to make an exchange or choose a refund by simply filling the form in “Return & Exchange“.

You will receive your 5% rebate automatically into your wallet after your order has been completed. You can check your rebate here. This rebate money will be deducted on the next purchase. Note: You need to have an account on our website to activate your wallet.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to withdraw the rebate money that is in your MOS wallet. The rebate money in the MOS wallet is only used to give discounts to customers for subsequent purchases. You will only be allowed to withdraw money in the MOS wallet if it is intended for a refund process.

We do not provide a price list for you to refer to because prices vary depending on distance, weight and size. But the easy way for you to know your shipping fee is you just need to fill in your shipping address in the “Checkout” section and our system will show your shipping fee automatically.

You will receive an email stating your item has been shipped. The content of the email will include the courier’s name, tracking number, dispatch date and track & trace link.

If you have an account at Millions of Shades, you can see it in the My Account> Orders.

This may be because you have chosen to perform a “Manual Bank Transfer” in the “Checkout section” or the payment process was not successful. If the payment process is not successful, you can try again after a few minutes. You just need to go to “My Account> Orders” and redo the payment again.

After you make the payment, we will try our best to ship your goods as soon as possible but to avoid misunderstanding and for more information, you can refer in shipping information.

We would like to apologize as we are currently unable to provide Cash-On-Delivery due to lack of employees. We understand that you are anxious to make an online purchase for fear of being scammed. However, as a registered and experienced company since 2010, we promise that the guarantee we give you should make you feel safe to deal with us.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding any of our products please Contact Us.

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