About Us

Welcome to Millions Of Shades

Hello! Welcome to the Millions Of Shades e-commerce website. For your information, we have been operating this business since 2010. Our goal in establishing this business is solely to assist the community in purchasing quality or branded eyewear at affordable prices. We are committed to making high-quality eyewear more accessible to everyone.

Our Story

Our company’s founder initially embarked on online retailing of various products like T-shirts, bags, and more since 2009 on platforms like eBay and Mudah.my. However, the true history of our company began in 2010 when the founder delved into the streetwear eyewear sector, triggered by Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide” campaign in Kuala Lumpur.

As streetwear traders, we meticulously choose our products, prioritizing longevity and quality. In 2010, Oakley eyewear gained traction among Malaysians. Being an enthusiast of the Ray-Ban brand, initially produced by Bausch & Lomb, the founder believed that Ray-Ban eyewear’s assessment should extend beyond marketing, focusing on its quality and craftsmanship.

From that point onwards, our founder initiated the business by purchasing both new and vintage Ray-Ban eyewear from local optical stores, utilizing negotiation skills to acquire them at favorable rates. This approach resonated well, particularly among Ray-Ban enthusiasts.

In the subsequent years, spending ample time in optical stores exposed the founder to other global eyewear brands. This led to the introduction of a fresh business style — purchasing from sellers and selling to regular customers, and in turn purchasing from sellers to resell to other sellers. This model succeeded due to the founder’s reputation for providing quality to discerning sellers.

Drawing from these experiences, Millions Of Shades has evolved into a company that not only supplies eyewear to other optical stores but also directly to end buyers. This positive shift has greatly benefited our customers, as they can now access quality eyewear at remarkably affordable prices.

We had previously established an eyewear store as a showroom where our customers could try out various eyewear options. This showroom was located at The Core Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Unfortunately, due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) in 2020, we had to close the physical store. As of now, we have shifted our sales exclusively online for a specific period.

RB3025 RayBan Aviator Inspection

After several years in the eyewear industry, we have also earned the trust of several local Malaysian celebrities who seek our advisory services and purchase eyewear from us.